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New BMW tuning? ZIPtuning makes it possible!

BMW has made it hard on the tuning industry with their new models that protect against engine modification. Logically, dealers want you to buy the models with the heaviest engine and biggest performance instead of taking a smaller car to a tuner. We have the solution to your problem.

With our experience, knowledge, and innovative capacity, we have undoubtedly succeeded in making the latest generation of engines completely tunable. We do this with a second engine management system that communicates fluidly with the original system. The external ECU is an engineering marvel that we are quite proud of. Our new system includes the injection control of the original engine management system that makes it completely unlike the infamous “Powerbox” that only manipulates the rail pressure and air mass meter. Also, our new system will not activate the tuning detection feature of the BMW. Because of that, the manufacturer will not be able to see that your car is tuned at all, and your warranty will still be applicable. Fuel economy and emissions standards are vastly improved after tuning. Your car will still meet all applicable requirements for emissions and anything else you might want.