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The finishing touch of the Bentley Continental GTC 6.0 W12.

You don’t tend to see Bentleys every day. With their luxury, high-level finish, and big engines, they normally stay in the wealthiest sections of the planet. If you have access to a GTC, you can also enjoy the power and luxury of the most elegant Bentleys. Just add a 6-liter W12 engine to it and you can realize the dream of any boy. But, to put the finishing touches on it, you should first let us have a look at your Bentley.

The 6.0 twin-turbocharged W12 engine has a standard output of 560 HP that gets the nearly 5,500-pound vehicle up to speeds of almost 200 mph. Bentley drivers will see the benefits of ZIPtuning within a week even with these already impressive numbers. Indeed, we have customized and optimized the GTC 6.0 W12 to its fullest extent. The torque increases up to 550 pound feet and the power jumps up to 660 HP. After visiting us, the GTC is really complete. It is even capable of breaking the convertible speed record of 200 mph. It also has even better performance, lower fuel consumption, and better engine character to boot!