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Unlocking your potential under the hood of your car.

Here at ZIPtuning, we tend to tune with passion. That is why we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves in order to build the car of your dreams. Our years of experience and team cohesion make this dream a reality. One of our latest developments is the external ZIPtuning ECU.

Obviously, you are looking at more power, more control, and improved drivability. The external ECU is the complete package. By including a second engine management system next to the original, our engineers can readjust and optimize your engine to the fullest extent. The external ECU provides us the ability to tune engines that are heavily protected against modification. Despite this, the quality is just as high as other ZIPtuning methods and bears no similarity to the infamous “Powerbox.” Our ECU tuning is also undetectable by any diagnostic equipment your dealer or manufacturer might have, and it can be easily taken apart when you want to sell your car.

This is essentially the end result of years of development and it’s now available to everyone. Your car’s potential can be unlocked with our passionate research under the hood.