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Turning NOX-Sensor Off Solves Problems

Increases in fuel consumption of the FSI engines

More and more of our clients at ZIPtuning come with problems with NOx sensors. The sensor itself has a limited lifespan and it is bound to malfunction sooner or later and, when it does, it increases the fuel consumption and even engine operation problems such as stalling. Similarly, in most cases NOx emissions are too high for your car to be able to pass the MOT test. However, our experts at ZIPtuning have an adequate solution to this problem!

Volkswagen uses FSI engines, so these issues are common for this particular brand. FSI engines have direct injection and this means that the temperatures are significantly higher than in conventional engines. This increases the amount of NOx (nitrogen oxide) beyond the levels that are approved by most European countries. In order to overcome this problem, Volkswagen has installed a NOx catalyst and NOx sensor into some of its cars, most notably the VW Golf V, VW Polo, VW Touran and the models coming from VW Group companies such as Audi A3 and Seat Leon. Otherwise, they would not be able to sell these cars in Europe.


The explanation of the operation of the NOx sensor is quite a technical one, so we will not go into that one now, but it is important to say that the subtle processes of the sensor separate the nitrogen and oxygen, which allows for reduction of the emissions, so that the car complies with the European emissions standards. Now, all of this sounds great, but that thing has been known to cause a lot of problems…


Limited lifetime

Unfortunately, the biggest concern is the NOx sensor’s limited lifetime. Its malfunctions are so common that you can bet that it will fail sooner or later. And this is very annoying because the engine management system will register the malfunction and significantly increase the fuel consumption. The increased fuel flow and the sensor malfunction also significantly increase the emissions often leading to MOT test failure. A proper peril for anyone with this problem. However, this can be avoided!


ZIPtuning has a solution

Our ECU software adaptations can make the NOx sensor completely unnecessary and remove the need for its expensive replacement that stands at about EUR 800. But there are more perks that come with this software adjustment. The car will be more economical because the broken sensor will no longer misinform the engine management system and the combustion will be greatly improved.


Does this modification cause problems for the engine or MOT test?

The ZIP’s solution to the NOX sensor problem seems perfect, but the sensor has been installed for a reason, right? Removing it is bound to cause some problems? Well, no. Our software adaptation that solves the NOx sensor-related problems has absolutely no ill-effects on the engine and the MOT test exhaust gas emissions fall well within the limits. Due to the fact that the levels of NOx are greatly diminished, the NOx catalyst no longer serves any purpose. This saves not only money, but nerves as well and makes everything perfect. Volkswagen really should have come to us to solve their FSI emissions problems in the first place.

The FSI engines which we can help are with the displacements of 1.4 l,1.6 l or 2.0 l and they come in teh following models: 

- Volkswagen Golf V
- Volkswagen Touran
Volkswagen Polo
- Seat leon
- Audi A3

The first two from the list (the Golf V and the Touran) have the most problems with NOx sensor, so if you drive one of these, be warned. Or even better, contact ZIP and stop by one of our workshops.


Advantages of getting rid of the NOx sensor:

Check The (expensive) replacement of the defective sensor is no longer needed!
Check Our professional shutdown of the NOx sensor and software adjustments do not cause problems during the MOT test.
Check The whole procedure is performed very quickly (in about two hours), so there is no need for replacement transport.
Check Storing is snel (ongeveer in 2 uur) verholpen, dus geen vervangend vervoer nodig.
Check • Full warranty on our update.


Extra security

Disabling the NOX sensor costs 390 EUR, including VAT. This alone makes the process considerably cheaper than replacing the faulty sensor which is bound to break down again. Disabling the NOx sensor is a permanent solution. The problem-solving software update takes about two hours and you can spend this time in our spacious waiting area enjoying a cup of coffee.

You can rest assured that we did not come up with this solution overnight. It is based on extensive research and lots of testing, as well as on our vast experience. We are so confident of our solution that we offer full warranty on this update.

Turn off your NOX-sensor!

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