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Tuning Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 ZIP: A knock-out boxer!

After several years of mediocrity, the Prius GT86 should bring back the sporty character of Toyota. The predecessors, Supra and Celica, gave ample business to tuners. With the new GT86, we will still not be run out of business. We are happy to help and come up with a nice tuning package for Toyota’s latest model. Read here how we can make this Toyota better.

In its earliest stages, many automotive journalists lauded the ride quality that the GT86 offered. The rear-wheel drive, light carriage, boxer engine, and good chassis combined for an undoubtedly amazing concept for a sports car. In our research and development of a tuning package, we have aimed to offer a much more intense experience without disrupting the qualities that make the Japanese sportster great. We think we have succeeded completely and we hope you’ll think so too. We place an Invidia exhaust system in the GT86 that emphasizes the already beautiful boxer sound. The exhaust system is available with or without a catalytic converter and provides a lot of extra power via a substantially lower pressure. In addition to that, both intakes are optimized by means of an Injen intake. Thus, the entire air flow from start to finish sees a great deal of improvement.

After those alterations, our engineers went to work with the software (in the form of a performance chip). The tuned engine received an extra 35 HP and 33 pound feet of torque to give the GT86 the extra power you’ve desired. Together with the amazing sound and improved throttle response you’ve basically got an entirely new ZIPtuning automobile. 235 HP and 185 pound feet of torque on a 2,650-pound Toyota makes this one of the sportiest cars you’ve ever seen. We are also currently developing a stage 2 compressor package. Contact us for more details.