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Garantie ZIPtuning

Performance warranty

Our first priority is to offer you the highest quality of products and service on the market. Years of experience with performance chips have taught us that consummate professionalism breeds out any problems. Like any smart consumer, you would like to have some extra security and, at ZIPtuning, we provide a standard two-year warranty for all external ECU's 

Beyond that, our quality management system is ISO-certified by TÜV, and we have also joined the European Tuning Organization. This requires that we work to the highest standards, and we do not take that lightly. All of our products will pass any emissions test so that you can be safe and have a much better driving experience.

Our warranty summarized:
1. Standard 2 year warranty
2. Affiliated with European Tuning Organization (ETO)
3. TUV ISO 9001 certified
4. All of our products comply with the emission standards of the ECE cycle
5. Years of tuning experience

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